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India: Towards the final installation of a Third World Pole (summary of the GEAB 172)

The Asian pivot is part of our team’s anticipations. This month we invite our readers to turn their eyes once again to the Eastern regions and more precisely to India. Those who follow our forecasts closely know that a multipolar reorganisation of the world is undeniable and inevitable. However, the international chessboard is still too often analysed through the prism of a China-US confrontation, fatally reminiscent of the East-West polarisation. In this issue we anticipate that in the next few years, India’s transformation from a regional power to a global empire, taking the rest of the emerging world in its wake, will push everyone to recognise the reality of this new multipolar world. This evolution will not occur without a hitch, due to the Western manipulations and tensions with the other global empire that is its Chinese neighbour. Nevertheless, our team considers this trend inexorable.

The year 2024 will be the first anchor point in this future because the Indian population will be called to the polls, at the same time as several other countries representing a total of more than a third of the world’s population. This deadline allows us to anticipate a global political big bang, which is why we are inviting you to take a look at the web’s anticipations on this theme.

Never straying too far from Europe, this month we will have a look at the issue of Ukraine’s EU required membership through the prism of the pension agreement with Germany. This is an opportunity for our team to develop a critical analysis of the pyramid structure of political, economic and social decisions cluttering the continent and fuelling tensions and misunderstandings within the public opinion.

Finally, you will find in this issue our investments, trends and recommendations; as well as our editorial which will provide a progress report on the creation of a future collective intelligence together with the readers who wish to invest time and energy in this. In the same vein, we will be also sharing with you one of our readers’ views on the future.

A detailed summary of the GEAB issue 172:

– Editorial
– India 2023 – 2024: Tensions at the core of the new multipolar world
– Ukraine and Europe in 2023: The unsustainability of the European pyramid
– 2024 – Global political big bang. When more than a third of the world’s population goes to the polls (some anticipations from the web)
– A reader’s view of the future
– Investments, trends and recommendations.

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