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Coming soon, the GEAB 176 (June). The summary

2023-2025: Welcome to the Solutions Crisis!

It is unnecessary to emphasize that crises have been mounting over the past two decades. However, what lies ahead is a unique challenge: the “solutions crisis”. Within the enigmatic paradox of this oxymoron, solutions to the intertwined crises are emerging.

The crisis encompasses various aspects, such as the financial sector and central banks, the economic downturn, the environmental challenges as the planet nears its limits, the geopolitical turmoil involving the questioning of American hegemony and the iconic dollar, and the disorderly emergence of a multipolar world. Additionally, there is the strategic crisis, marked by resurgent Cold War tensions. And this list is not exhaustive.

These solutions, lacking efficient organisation, are being imposed on the global system despite the system itself, potentially leading to a crisis-like scenario. Previously, we have anticipated these developments by categorising them under the concept of a global systemic crisis. Now, our team has decided to explore this new historical period through the lens of consumption.

Traditionally, consumption has followed a linear and increasing trajectory. However, we will examine its negative counterpart: degrowth. Despite its name, degrowth is gaining traction in public debates. We will begin by scrutinising why linear futures are inadequate for envisioning the next chapter of our consumption model. Subsequently, we will explore how degrowth is manifesting in our economic system, not merely as an ideology that captures hearts and minds but as an inexorable systemic reality.

Embracing a collective intelligence approach, this month we are pleased to welcome a specialist in collective intelligence. He will share his experience with various human-based organisations and shed light on the benefits and risks of economic tools employed in service of this ambition.

Recognising that problematics may vary across sectors and regions, we will briefly overview different sectors and regions of the world. This will include an assessment of the actual effectiveness of bank stress tests during these turbulent times, an examination of the logistical challenges faced by the Panama Canal, and an evaluation of the influence exerted by America’s evangelical communities in the lead-up to national elections.

Lastly, to guide you through these uncertain times, you can always rely on our insights into investments, trends, and recommendations.

The headlines of the GEAB 176 include:

  • Editorial – Reopening your mind with the GEAB
  • A different consumption model is possible… and will be here soon
  • Demographics, inflation, recession: Degrowth is not a political project but a crisis to be managed
  • A changing world: Bank stress tests, the Panama Canal, Evangelical communities
  • Reader’s eye on the future, Christophe Cesetti: “We are facing a digital boom that is as exciting as it is worrying”
  • Investments, trends, and recommendations



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