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Coming soon, the GEAB No.171: Europe, the Ottoman Empire of the 21st century

To wish our readers a happy new year, our team does not only bring cheerful news, the event that marks the beginning of 2023 being the concretisation of the irreversible fading process of the European Union on the global scene of the world-after, just like the Ottoman Empire which saw its fall precisely one century ago.

In this January edition, as is our tradition, we will present the trends of the coming year. We have opted for a panoramic view of the world in 2023 in order to identify the ‘mega-trends’ soon structuring the world this year, while taking the trouble to anchor them in the facts of the present and the future, as our method requires.

India will come out on top in the chaotic game of the new multipolar world in which the balance of power continues to evolve, with North America bringing the house down at the expense of the EU and soon of Latin America; China will face new challenges, despite all the global frameworks it has been able to build in recent years; the Middle East will see the revival of prolific Israeli-Muslim cooperation; and Africa will not be able to anchor itself definitively in the century until the rest of the world has stabilised. All this in a macro-economic environment that has shifted to a new paradigm.

The motto “you are either with me or against me” is set to prevail in international relations. In response, the UN is organising a Summit for the Future, but planned for 2024, which sounds like the last chance to provide the disorganised multipolar world with a supranational institutional framework.

Still looking ahead to 2024, this month we offer you an anticipation of South Africa’s political, social and economic future, written by Michael Khan, researcher at Stellenbosch University and practice professor at the University of Johannesburg. And, of course, you will find our investment recommendations as always.

A detailed summary of the GEAB bulletin 171:

– Editorial

– Mega Trends 2023: 1923-2023, from one falling empire to another

– 2024 – Future Summit: Last chance for the future of the United Nations

– 2024 – Ramaphosa re-elected as coalition president. En route to the African Continental Free Trade Area

– Investment recommendations

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