Home Blog Coming soon, the special July GEAB issue: Flying over the future from space

Coming soon, the special July GEAB issue: Flying over the future from space

As our regular readers know, our team considers space to be a central sector of the future in every respect. This month, we invite you to join us and our space journalist Daniel Chrétien as we take a look at the future of this sector and its political, economic, technological and other implications.

At the level of nation-states, space and the collaboration or confrontation it is subject to, is a good indicator of the status of international relations. Space was the scene of the confrontation between blocs during the Cold War, and the indicator of the warming of these relations during the period that followed, as in the case of the very broad collaboration that enabled the birth and existence of the international space station. Today and tomorrow, in a post-war world in Ukraine, confrontations will multiply, revealing the new power relations between the blocs of the 21st century.

As an economic sector, we can see today the existence of Titans that evolve as equals alongside the States, whereas the latter were alone last century. This is the result of profound changes and is leading to further changes in technology and finance. As space is a hostile environment for humanity, economic entities are no exception. Therefore, we decided to present in this issue the emergences and their future.

Finally, as this sector does not allow us to ignore things in the long run, we offer you a calendar of upcoming deadlines and the visions of the strategic actors of the sector, to give you a glimpse of the global course from Earth side.

A detailed summary of the July special issue :

  • Editorial – Space 2030: In a post-Ukraine world, a new era is becoming reality
  • The space economy in 2030: A clash of titans and a clash of realities
  • 2025: The New Space and the emergences that will shape its new look
  • Visions and key dates in tomorrow’s space calendar

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