Home Internet, artificial intelligence, robotics: 2040, from human enhancement to human … obsolescence?

Internet, artificial intelligence, robotics: 2040, from human enhancement to human … obsolescence?

The political anticipation method applied by the GEAB reveals that long-term trends are strong undercurrents on which short-term trends usually evolve. So, when our team commits to primarily anticipate phases of the crisis on the horizon in several years, it takes into serious consideration these structural macro-trends.

Nuclear Energy – Spring 2017: the EU’s first nuclear catastrophe…
It was exactly five years ago that the Western world experienced its first worldwide media coverage of a nuclear catastrophe. Twenty-five years before, there was Chernobyl, another terrible disaster which the entire nuclear sector had seen as caused by the old infrastructure of a dying Soviet empire…

2016 United States Presidential Election – The Campaign of the great American civil discord
This year the United States is experiencing a historical and unique presidential election, one which, in our opinion, will put an end to the American democratic model as it has operated for over 200 years. Given the significant consequences of such an unusual campaign for the United States and for the world, the GEAB team decided to dedicate a series of articles to the decryption of the current trends in this election and the directions they portend… (Read more in the GEAB 103)

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