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Coming soon, the GEAB 142 (February). Synopsis

After two months focused on the turn of the year (a review of 2019 in December and a preview of 2020 in January), in this next issue we will broaden our outlook.

Our team takes a sombre look at the decade ahead. After 20 years of a “crisis of the future”, we believe that 2020 will usher in a period that is literally “totalitarian”, in which all the currently conflicting agendas of saving the planet, of the economy, of the West, of finance, of the nations, of the EU, of large multinationals, of nuclear power and of hydrocarbons will converge… carried along in a common drive towards the co-construction of the future, thanks to the triptych of ecological consensus, the regaining of political control and new technologies…

As a perfect illustration of the totalitarian world that is taking off this year, we will describe some signs of what the future may hold that are conveyed by the incredible way China is managing the coronavirus, hailed by a West that is unanimously impressed …

The anticipated crisis in the international financial system is the catalyst for this radical shift, in which the theme of saving the planet is serving to save the system itself – as Larry Fink’s letter to his investors puts quite clearly. The next issue, therefore, also looks at one of the drivers of this financial crisis, namely the structural crisis of Western pension systems, as part of a comprehensive series of articles on the subject, pointing out all the sources of unsustainability and the inevitable transformation of a system that is running out of steam. “I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.” (Larry Fink, January 2020)

There will also be a return, in the form of detailed recommendations, to the subject of gold and precious metals – the only reliable benchmarks in a year that will change the face of the world.

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Summary of this bulletin GEAB 142:

  • Decade 2020 – “Futuritis”: From a crisis of the future to totalitarianism
  • China-Coronavirus: Tomorrow’s world invites itself into the present
  • Serial: The pension crisis: An inevitable paradigm shift
  • Gold and Precious Metals: A solid foundation in a sea of change… A firm anchor in a torrent of transformation…


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