Home Blog Coming up next, the GEAB bulletin of November. Synopsis

Coming up next, the GEAB bulletin of November. Synopsis

As the media heralds the Democrat candidate’s victory, the western world is living through another of the great illusions that we described last month: under Biden, America is back on top and the world has been saved! And the good news keeps on coming, what with the discovery of a miracle vaccine that the American lab Pfizer just happened to buy (a vaccine developed by the German Biontech laboratory) a few days after the results. We will all return to the wonderful world that prevailed pre-2016. So wonderful, with its financial crises, wars in the Middle East, cold-war mentality, huge displacement of people, etc. And as if you could hit the rewind button on history.

Just as the second wave of Covid pulled the rug from under the feet of those counting on a “return to normal”, the next political or geopolitical upset is going to wrong-foot our western society that still believes in Father Christmas.

These will be the guiding themes for our next edition that returns to an image, used by GEAB more than ten years ago, of “roguish waves” that batter commercial vessels and oil rigs.

Pandemic, US elections, real economy, new tech, financial markets, geopolitical configuration and we could go on. This edition will, as usual, map out the broad brushstrokes of the future landscape for Europeans in November 2020.


Summary of the GEAB 149:

– Future Perspectives for Europe at the Turning Point of the Tides of History
– 2021 – China Drops the West
– After the Pandemic, What Will Be the Next Giga-Crisis?
– 2023 – Treaty of Lausanne Revisited: Moving Towards a Western Mediterranean Union
– 2020-2030 – Decade of the Cyber-Jungle
– 2030 – The Amazon at Risk of being Wiped Out and the Urgent Need to Reinvent the Brazilian Agricultural Model
– Investments, trends and recommendations



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