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Coming soon, the confidential GEAB 140 (December edition)

At the dawn of this focal point of transformation that is the year 2020, and before we look at what it might hold for us, it is important to check, as precisely as possible, whether we are still on the right track in our interpretations. Over the 13 years that it has been in existence, the December issue of GEAB has always been dedicated to evaluation, but in this special time of global systemic crisis, it seemed important to us to carry out a more detailed analysis of our anticipation axis than we have done in previous years.

The forthcoming issue will therefore present, as usual, an assessment of the anticipated up & down trends from last January. However, our team has also reviewed all the GEAB issues of the year, tracking the plethora of anticipations hidden in the analyses, noting errors of judgment and notable successes, as part of an update to the map detailing our understanding of future developments and trends. The result is a revised, updated and complete overview of the situation at the start of 2020, with a review of all the topics we have addressed this year, including the reform of the international monetary system, the reform of the European financial system, transformations in Europe, the Middle East, India, South America, Africa etc., military and economic conflicts, raw materials and others. This overview will be accompanied by the usual strategic recommendations for the individual and professional investors and business leaders among our readers.

A detailed summary of the GEAB 140:

  • Evaluation and anticipation: A backward glance
  • Assessment of up & down trends for 2019
  • Map of the future: December updates
  • 2020: The last stages of the great moral crisis of the Anglo-Saxon elite system
  • Corporate GEAB: Don’t give up your baselines!
  • Investments, trends and recommendations



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