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Romanian PM ousted in MPs revolt


Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has been forced from power after only six months by his own party, in a no-confidence vote in parliament. His left-wing Social Democrat party (PSD) had accused him of failing to carry out necessary economic ... Read

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Angela Merkel open to common eurozone budget


Germany’s chancellor says she is prepared to consider a euro budget, as well as a joint finance minister for the eurozone. But she stressed that such profound changes would only make sense if they increased prosperity. Angela Merkel told business ... Read

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US ‘mystified’ over Gulf states’ position towards Qatar


The US state department says it is “mystified” that Gulf states have not released details of the claims they are making against Qatar, more than two weeks after they imposed a blockade on the country and cut ties with it. ... Read

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Ukraine: l’UE maintient ses sanctions contre la Russie


L’UE va prolonger à nouveau ses sanctions économiques contre la Russie en raison de son soutien présumé aux rebelles prorusses dans l’est de l’Ukraine, a indiqué lundi sa Haute représentante Federica Mogherini. Les Européens exigent une mise en oeuvre complète ... Read

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US bill on Russia sanctions prompts German, Austrian outcry


A US Senate bill to toughen sanctions on Russia and Iran has been slammed by German and Austrian Social Democrats. Sigmar Gabriel and Christian Kern say it will warp Europe’s natural gas network in favor of US suppliers. The bill ... Read

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