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GEAB 167 / September 2022
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(open letter to European Atlanticists) NATO and Atlanticist circles are shamelessly crowing about the superb unity displayed by the Allied camp "thanks" to the suffering in Ukraine : "Who would have thought that a war would be a rebirth of the Alliance from its brain death noted by the French president a year ago?" the Atlanticists are currently gloating. But the brain death attested by Emmanuel Macron, who knows what he is talking about given his vantage point, was not about NATO's loss of unity or strength but about the loss of "brain", of understanding and consequently of the ability to lead its members towards desirable future days. Our team therefore proposes to contradict the unhealthy hopes of the last madmen of the transatlantic axis who have lost their sense of morality and judgement, and are now openly rejoicing in having transformed the European peace project into a war project, the European prosperity project into a misery project, the European strategic independence project into a NATO sub-project, and the European democracy project into an imperialist project (as Franck Biancheri made the gloomy prediction as early as 1992 in his book Europe: Community or Empire?). But the question we should be asking [...]



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