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GEAB 176

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Jun 2023

Investments, trends and recommendations (Jun)

  • Gold-Yuan-Euro-Pound – Reserve value: Follow the central banks // 
  • Crypto vs USA: War is declared! // 
  • Cyber attacks: The worst is yet to come // 
  • Towards an “Insurance Run”? // 
  • Real estate: Prepare for the changeover // 
  • Bonds are back: One investment opportunity (at least) // 


Gold-Yuan-Euro-Pound – Reserve value: follow the central banks

The dollar’s loss of influence is continuing. Its level in central bank reserves has continued to fall this month. Its loss of influence is likely to be accelerated by the scheduled launch of the BRICS currency in August.[1] The central banks are gradually changing their tune and slowly but surely knocking the dollar off its pedestal.


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Investments, trends and recommendations (Jun)

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