Home Insights Coming soon, the GEAB 136 (June). Synopsis

Coming soon, the GEAB 136 (June). Synopsis

The momentum for change is simply breath-taking, as we shall see in this next issue of the GEAB: the invention of new financing systems, the restructuring of the digital world, new phases in the artificialisation of the land, the establishing of the exit from the oil era… The strongest players in the world system, those who have been blocking everything for decades, are finally embracing change. However, not all of them have the same ideas and a battle of titans is already widely engaged. Also, the resistance to change is shifting, now coming from public opinion and its representatives (populist parties, religions…), rather than from the Establishment.

Thus, the forces that have been unleashed are still cancelling each other out for the time being, delaying the reorganisation process, as is evidenced by the situation in the Middle East and the resolution of the Euro-Russian crisis. The fact is that initiating transformations of this degree is a scary business, even if reality has long since caught up with us, leaving no other solution than to move on. Hopefully, this G20 gathering will provide the framework for the essential collective intelligence that must govern this transformation. That said, the G20 is a long way from uniting all the different forces …

See you soon for the last issue of this academic year!

The headlines: 

  • Strong trend: The increasing resistance to progress
  • The end of the American domination over the digital world
  • The disappearance of the European banking system as we knew it
  • Who’s Who
  • Oil: Surfing an ebbing wave
  • Investments, trends and recommendations

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