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Towards the Very Big Humanitarian Crisis (coming soon, the November issue of the GEAB)

Even if there are still reasons for hope on the global horizon and the paths to reinventing a functional model are showing up on all sides, the world still has some dramatic stages to go through, according to our team.

The previous model was particularly based on growth, but growth is primarily demographic. For many reasons which are to be mentioned in this issue, the multidirectional questioning of this model will not be without a gigantic humanitarian crisis that could result in hundreds of millions of deaths in the medium term (5-10 years).

In the very short term, we anticipate the failure of the economic recovery, something which will become visible as early as 2022, and which will have a severe impact on the international monetary system. The latter is pinning all its hopes on growth capable of absorbing the mountains of debt weighing on the value of currencies.

Meanwhile, young people are organising themselves into the “trader generation” or “annuitant generation”. If a new wave of millionaires/billionaires is brewing and the next social systems are being invented along these lines, many people will be left behind.

Pessimism reigns, led by an information system that is now inoperative. And our teams, despite their good will to search relentlessly for good news, are giving in to the general atmosphere, knowing that the pessimism of public opinion is also a factor of the future that must be observed to explain and anticipate it.

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A detailed summary of the GEAB 159:

  • Decade 2020 – Global Humanitarian Crisis: From Eradicating Poverty to Eradicating the Poor
  • A new generation of traders: The new ‘values’ of young financiers
  • Changing model: Made in China is dead… long live Powered by China!
  • February 2022: Towards an alignment of European and American monetary policies
  • Growth 2022: What if growth doesn’t happen?
  • Recommendations: Debt, Bankruptcies, NFT, Metaverse


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