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Coming up, the GEAB bulletin no 163. Synopsis

Ukraine: three past anticipations to understand the present and future of our continent

Rapport – Pause-Débat de l’Anticipation session 2 : Vertigineux enjeux de l’avenir dans les télécoms

Rapport – Pauses-débats de l’anticipation (session 1) : Le risque est-il gérable ?

The future of money (the GEAB 162 is in the making…)

Summary of the Fed’s report on a potential American Central Bank currency

Coming soon, our GEAB 161 – January issue. A synopsis…

Best-Of: Some “undeniably” successful anticipations

16 years of GEAB, 160th issue this month: 160 gifts to celebrate!

Has the West bet on the wrong future? (coming soon, our GEAB – December issue)

Towards the Very Big Humanitarian Crisis (coming soon, the November issue of the GEAB)

The end of the dollar’s reign: thinking the unthinkable

Nuclear power and public opinion: a long-standing dislike

2022: A New Europe is born (coming soon, our October issue)

AUKUS-Submarine Crisis: Is the GlobalBritain strategy one of desperation?


Podcast DITF No 8 – Back to the future

GEAB Cafe No 8: A Panorama of challenges for the beginning of the academic year

China VS USA: An unafordable confrontation?



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Optimize your decision making process : Read the GEAB!

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