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GEAB 175

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 May 2023

Investments, trends and recommendations (May)

  • Bitcoin: Take your profits // 
  • Oil: The war // 
  • T-bond: Big sale // 
  • Investment: Real water // 
  • New Tech: Forget AI… // 


Bitcoin: Take your profits

We have always said that violence and technology do not mix. Bitcoin’s safe-haven status is likely to come into play in a context of geopolitical tensions, de-dollarisation and bond crises. But the risk of a run on cryptocurrencies in this context has been well anticipated and is prompting action from the major players, starting with the United States[1] (but also the EU[2] , which is legislating against cryptos, not to mention the bankruptcies of trading platforms (Bittrex for example, directly attributable to an intervention by the SEC[3]) or banks specialising in crypto (SVB, Signature, Silver,… of course[4]) or Credit Suisse which had just signed a contract with the digital assets platform Taurus[5] when it went bankrupt.[6]


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