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GEAB 175

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 May 2023

Eyes on the future, Francesco Magistra: “Geopolitics now seems to favour Latin America »

Francesco Magistra is co-founder and chairman of the Nemesis Group, an asset management and multi-family office company. Thanks to his 35-year experience in the region, he has developed a deep understanding of Latin America and, through his company LandEscape, he offers himself as a bridge and a guide for the people wishing to move to Uruguay or those interested in investing in a continent that could become the target of the next out-of-Europe migration wave.

It takes quite a lot of imagination to anticipate Latin America’s future evolution.

The subcontinent has brighter days ahead of it. The US is losing influence in the region, China’s influence is growing through investment and trade is on the rise, and cooperation between countries is becoming more structured and efficient. Mexico (the world’s largest population of Spanish speakers—about two and a half times that of Spain or Colombia)[1] is in a unique position because of the geographic location and history. Despite the regained independence of Latin American countries, some of them still show strong ties with the US and, recently, with China, the emerging alternative partner. We anticipate the stability and potential prosperity of South America to be very attractive soon, especially for Europeans who could make it one of their favourite migration destinations.

A destiny which is finally changing  


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