Home Insights Coming soon, the GEAB special file: European tourism in crisis (synopsis)

Coming soon, the GEAB special file: European tourism in crisis (synopsis)

European Tourism 2020-2030: The improbable alliance between tourism and protectionism

Contrary to the feverish dreams of officials in Brussels and our capitals, fuelled by the prospect of an exponential growth in the global flow of tourists, the EU will soon cease to be the world’s main tourist destination. We anticipate that, in 2025, Europe will lose its leading position to Asia.

Over the next decade, the impact of a downturn, combined with the effects of increased competition, saturation and fatigue, and environmental considerations, all this in the context of a vast questioning of meaning, will lead to a complete repositioning of the European tourism sector.

Reality has begun to remind Europe of the unsustainable nature of old-fashioned tourism in a century and a world that promises an explosion in the flow of tourists. Far from being able to continue to welcome half of this leisure travel, as is currently the case, Europe will have to protect itself from it…

The main titles of the article:

  • Multipolar world: Market share decrease for European tourism
  • The plague of tourism: kill or cure
  • Tourism and environment: The real oxymoron
  • Travel fatigue: Towards an existential crisis in tourism
  • European tourism: The gap between hope and reality

The ‘Lascaux Cave’ Syndrome

The Lascaux cave is a prehistoric site discovered in the Dordogne in 1940. Soon after, it was opened as a tourist attraction, which ended up endangering the magnificent rock paintings. So much so that in 1963 it was closed to the public… or, rather, reserved for specialists. A replica of the cave and its paintings, Lascaux 2, was created nearby. We anticipate that most of European tourism will follow this path, with the most popular sites slowly being reserved for a rich or expert audience, while artificial and virtual copies will be used for entertainment and crowd education purposes…

Investments, trends and recommendations

– Air transportation: Turbulence zone
– Low-cost economy: In the end
– Africa: The future is here
– Tourism: The era of labels

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