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2018-2020 Financial Crisis: Turning a Dollar Rain into a Wealth Harvest

Apprehension goes hand-in-hand with financial matters. Last April, the alarmist IMF announcements predicted a huge crisis by 2020 linked to the level of global debt that ten years of ‘crisis management’ have not brought under control. Rather, US public debt ... Read

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Coming up, the GEAB Bulletin No 125. The summary


It is difficult to cover, in just one GEAB bulletin, all the transitions currently taking place as part of the repositioning of the world’s major players. In geopolitics, following the removal of the last of the barriers imposed by the ... Read

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Lack of anticipation, strategic errors, political weakness: The Russian bear is now fully awake


” Weapons and men are gathering around this region: Americans, Canadians, British, French, Danish, Germans on one side; Belarusians, Russians, Moldavians, Kazakh, and even Chinese on the other. And since the Russian exercise, Zapad 2017, and the Russian-Chinese exercise in ... Read

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