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The Great Petroyuan Temptation


All this occurs in the context of strong pressure from the Chinese to trade their oil in yuan[1], a gigantic strategic U-turn for the country and the whole region, therefore harming numerous well-established Saudi interests. In recent days, Saudi oil ... Read

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Securing China’s financial system


On June 30, Beijing launched Bond Connect, a programme which allows international investors to invest in the Chinese bond market via Hong Kong, and vice versa[1]. In March, another system, the China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM) [2], had already been ... Read

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United States: The temptation of a “Military QE”

End 2017/early 2018, all major Western Central Banks will be putting a final stop to the 2008 crisis-related unconventional monetary policies, namely the famous quantitative easing policies (QEs) which enabled to provide liquidity to those banks which saw their mutual ... Read

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China 2017 – Towards a Total Course Change

Since Deng Xiaoping, in the ’70s, gave top priority to economic development, China has made tremendous sacrifices. Having worked hard and cheap and polluting its country, it soon became the workshop of the world. But all those sacrifices were not ... Read

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