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GEAB 182

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Feb 2024

Eyes on the Future – Philip Choban “Revolutionising healthcare: AI shaping a new economic frontier in telemedicine”

This month, our reader’s look on the future digs into technology and medicine through the AI and digital tools, only to get back to our most basic needs: health and human relationship.  Philip Choban, the CEO of Telios Care, a Romanian telehealth specialised company, shares with us his insights on the future of healthcare, health research and technology and the divides between nations and generations that he and his company experience daily. Here is his insight on the future.

Telios Care was founded in 2018, based on a very personal experience, and to respond to a need in Eastern Europe. When my wife developed a genetic Alzheimer’s form, I ended up coming back to her home in Romania. I had to take care of her as a full-time job from 2007 through 2015. Having been an investor in early telemedicine in the United States, and my best friend being a physician, I could pick up the phone and get help, advice and even prescriptions. But I wondered what someone without this type of network does. And I know from taking my wife to clinics that we had to wait in long lines. Having been an entrepreneur my whole life, I gathered around a team, did some research work, and we figured that telemedicine would work out well in Eastern Europe too.


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