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GEAB 185

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 May 2024

Investments, trends and recommendations (May)

CBDC, critical materials, digital industries, green energies, electric cars… China leads the way

The transition to CBDCs adds another layer of digitalisation, and will put further strain on markets under pressure. This reform of the monetary system relies once again on the digital tools that are already at the heart of our economic and political system. Eventually, it will be the entire economic system, at every level, that will no longer be able to function without a smartphone…

This trend should draw our attention once again to the many steps ahead of the rest of the world that China has taken. Not content with having launched its CBDC first, it has also, for many years now, secured its supply chains for most of the materials needed to manufacture digital technologies. Yet these same materials are also needed to produce electric cars and solar panels, among other things, two sectors that are concentrating a large part of the investment directed towards industrial recovery in the United States and Europe, sectors in which China is once again at the forefront. A brief geo-economic reminder.


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