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GEAB 184

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Apr 2024

United States 2025 – The e-Empire Strikes Back

The decline of the United States’ power in recent years has been widely acknowledged. Our team, in this bulletin, was among the first to extensively discuss the emergence of a multipolar world and the gradual erosion of American hegemony over the rest of the world. This trend was so obvious that even Americans themselves were not oblivious to it. It was unexpected for them to simply assume the role of mere spectators to their own decline. It’s never easy to manage a change of era when you’re in the lead, and the United States runs a complex and diverse society. This diversity can also be found at the highest levels of government, where different worldviews coexist and contend. Consequently, the US has been slow to react, with proponents of maintaining power in a unipolar world clashing with those advocating acceptance of the new multipolar reality. Despite efforts to preserve their dominance and explore new avenues, we anticipate this internal debate will reach a resolution. Presently, it’s evident that adapting to a multipolar world is more pragmatic than clinging to the vestiges of a unipolar order that no longer prevails.


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© Kerozen Concept (AI generated image) In a world where upheavals are occurring with increasing frequency, it's easy to value the constants. The American presidential elections are always a thrilling soap opera. [...]

The debate over whether the heads of the largest US technology companies or successive US Presidents wield the most power has persisted for many years. While the ascendance of the [...]

In its counter-attack, the American e-Empire cannot ignore its chosen weapon: the dollar. It is impossible to reinvent American power and its domination of the global system without reinventing the [...]

Marie-Hélène Caillol, President of LEAP and author of this article, draws on the work carried out with the Real-Futur Excellence Centre of the INSEEC-MSc business school, (PERF) which she founded [...]

While two elections capture the world's attention - the European elections in June and the US presidential election on 5 November - there are other elections on the international calendar [...]

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