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GEAB 178

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Oct 2023

Green Ecosystems: Approaching the point of no-return in the Global Forest Crisis

Forests are far more than just verdant scenery. They are essential ecosystems, hubs of biodiversity, with a pivotal role in upholding ecological equilibrium and sustaining human existence. Among their myriad advantages, three significant roles are prominent: the stabilisation of soil, the preservation of drinking water and, maybe the most important one, forests are the lungs of our planet[1], crucial to maintaining a healthy atmosphere by breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen[2].

However, the array of threats they face have raised serious concerns about their future. While the notion of a “point of no-return” for forests is not entirely clear-cut, the urgency of addressing the future forest crisis cannot be ignored. Soon, it will be too late to turn the tide and ensure that the vital green ecosystems continue to thrive and provide essential services for generations to come. 


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