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The Geopolitics of Cryptocurrencies: After a regulatory phase at the level of nation states in 2018/2019, international coordination will begin in 2020

Cryptocurrencies lie at the centre of many of the questions being asked by individuals, companies and market authorities, and therefore by nation states. Their position within the economic environment is becoming more and more important for several related reasons… (Read ... Read

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Coming up, the GEAB Bulletin No 125. The summary


It is difficult to cover, in just one GEAB bulletin, all the transitions currently taking place as part of the repositioning of the world’s major players. In geopolitics, following the removal of the last of the barriers imposed by the ... Read

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Listening to the weak signals of trends in a changing world: our selection

Three times a year, the GEAB offers its readers a selection of ‘weak signals’ consisting of brief alerts in a variety of sectors (environment, finance, technology, geopolitics, etc.), revealing profound changes which together offer an ‘impressionist’ picture of the future. ... Read

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