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New Finance: Eyes on ICOs

In the next five years, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which currently looks like a micro-phenomenon in the sphere of fundraising, will be an essential means for structuring a company on a sustainable basis. Halfway between crowdfunding and traditional fundraising ... Read

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Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, your crisis time companion


Stop searching. The Future is here. Your future! Are you ready for it? Have a seat, take a deep breath… and start reading the latest Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, your loyal personal advisor. This month, it is about geopolitics, personal finance, ... Read

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The Great Petroyuan Temptation


All this occurs in the context of strong pressure from the Chinese to trade their oil in yuan[1], a gigantic strategic U-turn for the country and the whole region, therefore harming numerous well-established Saudi interests. In recent days, Saudi oil ... Read

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Securing China’s financial system


On June 30, Beijing launched Bond Connect, a programme which allows international investors to invest in the Chinese bond market via Hong Kong, and vice versa[1]. In March, another system, the China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM) [2], had already been ... Read

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