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Economics: Good news will be pouring! The French presidential election at the heart of a European takeover of the media narrative

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The voice of France in the world seemed to have disappeared (at least since 2007), which is a far cry from the brilliance of French diplomacy in 2003 when the country opposed the war in Iraq. And yet, just when ... Read

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The Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin – April edition is now available!

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PERSPECTIVES Global Systemic Crisis 2017-2021 – A phase of chaotic recomposition of the World: national re-landing, crash or rebound? This expression “chaotic recomposition” seems best to summarise the phase where we currently are with regards to the development of the ... Read

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Oil: bare bluff


The oil market is unravelling. Production of shale oil explodes in the United States and Saudi Arabia reopens the valves of its production and breaks the fragile OPEC agreement, right? Beware all the same … Oil is just below the ... Read

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Will the Euro survive beyond 2017 ?


This is an excerpt from the GEAB no 109 / Nov. 2016 We have claimed at great length in previous issues of the GEAB that neither of the two election candidates – Clinton or Trump – would be a good ... Read

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