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GEAB 174

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Apr 2023

2023-2025: The throes of the disappearance of the dollar as an international currency

For almost 20 years we have been anticipating a revolution in the international monetary system and in particular the emancipation of the global economy from the trade vehicle of the 20th century, the dollar.[1] Apparently, nothing has happened, the reason being that no one had any interest in the dollar disappearing overnight. So, the whole world has therefore stubbornly kept the dollar in sight while preparing for what was to come. It will not have escaped your attention (as you are most probably sensitive to this major theme of global systemic transition) that 2023 was sending out powerful signals that everything was finally ready and that the masons of the new monetary edifice are about to remove the scaffoldings.

We are therefore experiencing now an extremely powerful tipping point where we question whether the strategists of the transition to the other side have everything under control. We are optimistic in assuming that the major global players have worked together on this transition and there are signs of this optimism. However, a change of this magnitude will not come smoothly and without pain.

Here we will describe the events that make up the acceleration of the tipping point between the beginning of the year and August 2023. This is when the reality of the new multipolar monetary system will be final and undeniable. After that, the dollar will not disappear overnight and no new hegemon will replace it either. The global monetary system will see the rise of almost all national currencies, with the Yuan leading in trade, but also the Euro in foreign exchange reserves, a change coupled with the arrival of the new BRICS monetary instrument.

This transition seems to be under the control of the American authorities, in line with a retreat on their soil that has already begun in other areas (military and geopolitical). The rest of the world (apart from Russia),, largely a trading partner of the United States, has no interest in seeing the leading economy fall to its knees. This transition could remain under control and not have any geopolitical or military repercussions. There will still be some pain for the Americans, who will have to mourn the loss of their lifestyle of abundance as soon as in the next two years. And the cards of global trade will be reshuffled, the Asian continent and the BRICS have all sorts of alternatives ready, the Europeans will first feel the shock before being pushed to creativity, to invent a new economic and political model.


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