Euro governance / Horizon 2020: The inevitable evolution of the ECB’s unique mandate

The financial crisis followed by the debt crisis has led to a substantial change in the mandate of the European Central Bank (ECB) and to more political provisions. The ECB has acquired implicit mandates to safeguard the euro but also an economic policy which all go far beyond the original objective of price stability. The current ambiguity can not last and the enlargement of the mandate could be one of the great European debates of the early 2020s…
-The successful decade of the original mandate 
-A new mandate: guaranteeing the existence of the euro zone
-The ECB, the manager of the economic policy of the euro area 
-A rigid and obsolete institutional framework 
-A desire for non action
-The key to the mandate change
-Real risks of non-action
-The emergence of conditions for change 
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