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GEAB 133

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Mar 2019

Investments, trends and recommendations (Mar 2019)

A reminder that our recommendations are not for speculative purposes, therefore short-term, that they don’t aim to win more, but rather to lose less (even nothing) because in the case of a global systemic crisis like the one we are currently seeing, it’s the only rational objective.

– Hong Kong: The harbour is under water
– British real estate: Si si!
– Airline Industry: Boeing Boeing!
– US Technologies: Blablatech
– Oil: Hotter
– Crypto-currencies: Well…
– Gold: Same and yet different
– Europe: Brain drain


Hong Kong: The harbour is under water

Hong Kong’s Asian business hub is struggling with its downgrading behind the new Asian hubs, mainly Shanghai. To keep up with the new monsters, Hong Kong would need to invest huge sums of money, to modernise its harbour for example, but investments too are heading to Shanghai instead.[1] We have been following the woes of Hong Kong for some time. The most recent is the bauxite ship which was stranded on the beaches of the Solomon Islands for several weeks and has since been dumping fuel oil on this UNESCO world heritage site. Incidentally, the ship in question is flying a Hong Kong flag, which implicates the city and its regulatory and control authorities.[2] When everything starts going wrong, little things like this certainly don’t help… So be cautious when it comes to assets related to this city.

British real estate: Si si!

We are being told that everything will collapse after Brexit. Let’s repeat that the situation has been most difficult times for the UK are during the 2-year long period of uncertainty between the referendum and Brexit. Take advantage of the final period before the outcome of the Brexit crisis to do business across the Channel! Do not take the risk of waiting until ‘just after’ which could mark the beginning of an upturn.


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