Chinese debt, global debts, interest rates: the insolvent countries no longer have friends

As we have already discussed and explained before, the crisis is now taking a more geopolitical form. Does this mean that the economic-financial crisis is over? No one will accuse us of having pretended that. If need be, we can confirm that the crisis is always there, always vivid, and it is in perfect shape after more than eight years of existence, thank you very much… (Read more in the GEAB 110)

The Bugbear of the Chinese Debt.
The Trap of the Western debts.
Shake the green rag.

African Union: One road, One continent, One currency. The end of the CFA franc
Africa! The second largest continent in the world after Asia, both in size and population, and also one of the poorest is shaken by internal conflicts and wars. But above all, it’s a continent with one of the youngest age pyramids in the world … (Read more in the GEAB 110)

Chapters :
One road: Unlocking Africa – “one belt, one road, one continent” project adjusted for Africa.
One continent: the Africans organise their African community, Agenda 2063.
The Africans take their place in the multipolar world.
One currency: CFA-xit and de-dollarisation. Leave the money to Africans.
Accompanying monetary reform by a necessary overhaul of taxation in Africa.