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GEAB 132

The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation) - 15 Feb 2019

Investments, trends and recommendations (Feb 2019)

A reminder that our recommendations are not for speculative purposes, therefore short-term, that they don’t aim to win more, but rather to lose less (even nothing) because in the case of a global systemic crisis like the one we are currently seeing, it’s the only rational objective.

– Gold-Cryptor: patience!
– Cryptocurrencies: a blank year
– Telecom Operators: Watch out for 5G!
– Oil: blip in sight
– Internationalisation of the euro: don’t rely on it too much

Gold-Cryptor: patience!

With two articles on gold in two consecutive issues, our readers might think we recommend buying gold or cryptor. This is not quite the case…

  • For gold, we keep repeating, as we have done for 13 years now, not to let go of acquisitions already made. If you do not have any, the current low rate should encourage you to give your small personal reserve a boost, the way the central banks are doing.
  • On the other hand, with cryptogold, we recommend you take the greatest care, while keeping an eye on developments in these early experiments.

Figure 1 – Gold price for the last 12 months. Source: GoldPrice.

Cryptocurrencies: a blank year 

The caution required concerning cryptor, as long as states are not seriously involved, also applies to cryptocurrencies in general. The latest adventure in this field, perfectly designed to keep potential users away from cryptocurrencies, is, of course, the incredible case of the death of the QuadrigaCX boss taking to his grave the access codes for 260 million dollars belonging to about 115000 users![1] The question of regulation lies at the heart of cryptocurrencies, as we mentioned before. That said, it is also in this experimental phase that there are deals to be made if you are willing to play… and take care!

Telecom Operators: Watch out for 5G!

5G is coming![2] And with it, a new phase of development of the datasphere that will lead us straight to the Internet of Objects (where, after communicating with one another, then with our objects, the objects themselves will begin to communicate with one another) with applications like the highly anticipated automatic vehicles, home automation etc. This stage of development will also open up huge prospects for virtual reality. It’s not just games that will become life-size, but also concerts, shows, exhibitions, historic cities, nature, history, space…: all this will be invited into our living rooms, viewed from behind our masks, helmets or glasses, connected via our mobiles. So many playgrounds for tomorrow’s start-ups and future billionaires! But this new phase of disintermediation is not paved only with good news.


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